/priyem(p)shan/ Doctrine adopted by U.S. Supreme Court holding that certain matters are of such a national, as opposed to local, character that federal laws preempt or take precedence over state laws. As such, a state may not pass a law inconsistent with the federal law. Examples are federal laws governing interstate commerce.
- supremacy clause.
As applied to state action versus local action, "preemption" means that where legislature has adopted scheme for regulation of given subject, local legislative control over such phases of subject as are covered by state regulation ceases. Hutchcraft Van Service, Inc. v. City of Urbana Human Relations Commission, 60 111. Dec. 532, 536, 104 Ill.App.3d 817, 433 N.E.2d 329, 333.
In international law, the right of pre-emption was formerly the right of a nation to detain the merchandise of strangers passing through her territories or seas, in order to afford to her subjects the preference of purchase.
In old English law, the first buying of a thing. A privilege formerly enjoyed by the crown, of buying up provisions and other necessaries, by the intervention of the king's purveyors, for the use of his royal household, at an appraised valuation, in preference to all others, and even without consent of the owner
@ preemption claimant
One who has settled upon land subject to pre-emption, with the intention to acquire title to it, and has complied, or is proceeding to comply, in good faith, with the requirements of the law to perfect his right to it. Hosmer v. Wallace, 97 U.S. 575, 581, 24 L.Ed. 1130.
See preemption right
@ preemption doctrine
See preemption
@ preemption entry
See entry
@ preemption right
A privilege accorded by the government to the actual settler upon a certain limited portion of the public domain, to purchase such tract at a fixed price to the exclusion of all other applicants. Nix v. Allen, 112 U.S. 129, 5 S.Ct. 70, 28 L.Ed. 675.
One who, by settlement upon the public land, or by cultivation of a portion of it, has obtained the right to purchase a portion of the land thus settled upon or cultivated, to the exclusion of all other persons

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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